April 23, 2024

The 5 best robot games to check out in 2023

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The 5 best robot games to check out in 2023

The 5 best robot games to check out in 2023

Themes for robot games on PC, mobile, or console vary widely. But what they have in common is that they transport you to futuristic environments, which often feel dystopian and post-apocalyptic .

What sets a robot game apart?

In fact, robot games come in different forms: fantasy themed games, survival games , battle arena games, etc. A top robot game doesn’t have to be all about robots.

Although robot games have not yet spread to all casual genres like online puzzle games , this subgenre has become so popular that there is usually something for everyone already.

Robot games may have elements of turn-based strategy games . The robots are not necessarily in the foreground throughout the plot. For example, you can meet robot “bosses” or even AI-controlled characters who can help you in battle. You may also have to control giant robots and use their weapons to annihilate and crush your opponents.

One thing that is almost always guaranteed with robot games is the polished and contemporary graphics of these action games on Android or iOS.

What is the difference between war robot games and mecha games?

In robot games, you have to fight against autonomous and robotic opponents or enemies. Mecha games resemble the latter in that the player often encounters humanoid robots, but in general a Mecha game features oversized versions of those found in conventional robot game genres .

Basically, imagine steroid-boosted robot games of the future!

Mech simulation games usually require you to control a Mech yourself and immerse yourself in combat. An obvious example that comes to mind is our very own Mech Arena, which lets you choose from over a dozen Mechs and customize their weapons and fighting styles.

In summary, Mech games are often more about combat, while robot games are more about testing your stealth and strategy skills.

The 5 Best Robot Games You Need to Know in 2023

Are you looking for robot games to get your teeth into? Discover five robot games on PC, mobile or console including the most popular free-to-play titles, some of which have been in the public domain for years!

1.War Robots

One of the main reasons gamers enjoy PC games is the authenticity and realism of mechanics.

War Robots, released for PC in April 2014, is one of the action-oriented war robot games. It is one of the most successful multiplayer games of all time. You’ll engage in real-time combat with BattleTech-style robots in a treacherous battlefield. Your mission is simple: be the last robot standing to achieve victory.

It is also one of the most popular iOS and Android games . Hands down, this is one of the best free robot games ever released. In this 6 versus 6 action game, you will have to do everything to establish yourself as the best Mecha pilot.

2.Tower of Fantasy

Shortlisted for The Game Awards 2022 in the Best Mobile Games category , Tower of Fantasy isn’t a robot game per se, but it does have subtle robotic elements that give it a futuristic edge.

It is also one of the Android games that has quickly established itself as one of the best free robot games of 2023.

For example, there is your robotic sidekick, Mia, who joins you in your adventure on the planet Aida. You’ll meet other robots on your adventures, including a cute robotic unicorn named Monocross. As a representative of free open world robot games, Tower of Fantasy is almost an amalgamation of Genshin Impact with authentic robot games elements.

The game has been downloaded over five million times on Android alone, making Tower of Fantasy one of the fastest growing open-world MMORPGs in the last 12 months. The title of the game might suggest that it belongs to the tower defense genre , but it’s more of a sci-fi adventure, although many battles await you around every corner.

3. Mayan Death Robots

Mayan Death Robots is one of the most popular indie games of recent years. Created by Sileni Studios, Mayan Death Robots transports you to the Mayan civilization, at a time when the region is under attack and overrun by alien life forms.

Enter the battlefield of the most popular casual game in single player or local multiplayer mode and try to destroy the advances of these alien robots in an explosive way. You’ll need more than a hint of strategy to win. As soon as the missiles are launched, you already have to think about your next action, both from the point of view of defense and attack.

4.Fallout 4

The subject of this RPG from Bethesda Game Studios takes place in the year 2287, ten years after the events of Fallout 3 and the nuclear disaster that struck the United States. You’ll take control of the “lone survivor”, the only human to emerge from cryogenic stasis inside a fallout shelter.

Although this is not a robot game at first sight, you will encounter a series of robots in the Appalachian wasteland as the story progresses. Some of them may even be useful to protect your base from an invasion. The Fallout 4 Automatron also allows you to create and build your own robots.

Many Fallout 4 players have also taken advantage of bot-filled game mods to kick their games into high gear.

5.Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 could fit into both the robot and mech games categories, but we think it’s better suited to the PC robot games genre.

The sequel to the award-winning Titanfall, released in 2016 by Respawn Entertainment, launched without much fanfare, but it’s a representative single-player game of a hugely immersive nature that’s still going strong today.

The mission sees you take charge of protagonist Jake Cooper, rifleman of the Frontier Militia. Stalkers are one of the new features of Titanfall 2.

These are minion robots that appear in waves of Bounty Hunts and Attrition mode.

Dive into one of these robot games and you will quickly feel the power of the machine. Don’t be surprised if, after a game, you say to yourself: “I’ll be back”…

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