Powerful action battlePowerful action battle

Attractive story and characters

Blade and Soul 2 is the official sequel to NCSOFT’s popular PC online game “Blade and Soul”, released on August 23, 2023.
The story of this work is set 100 years after the previous work, and the new protagonists approach the secrets hidden in the world.
The main character can be selected from three races: Jin, Gon, and Lin.
Each character has different abilities and skills, and you can create your own character.
You can customize your character’s appearance down to the last detail, including hairstyle, facial features, and body shape.

Powerful action battle

The combat in Blade and Soul 2 is both exhilarating and deep.
Characters fight using actions such as normal attacks, skills, and evasion.
In addition to skills carried over from the previous game, there are also many new skills.
Also, by avoiding enemy attacks at the right time, you can successfully parry.
If you successfully parry, you can cause great damage to the enemy.
Boss battles are particularly impressive. The boss is huge and powerful, so careful handling is required.

rich content

Blade and Soul 2 is packed with both solo and multiplayer content.
In solo play, you can enjoy story quests, side quests, dungeons, etc.
In multiplayer, you can cooperate and play against other players, such as raid bosses and PvP.
This work also has a rich system for strengthening your character.

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